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Besides making you look and feel fabulous, JazB will tempt you with incredible boutique items.

Whether you’re looking for a gift or you are just drawn to a beautiful things, be sure to browse our unique selection of high quality designer jewellery that will help you make a stylish fashion-forward statement. We carefully select designers such as Leetal Kalmanson with her LK jewellery, which is individually crafted using Bohemian crystal stones and featured in top magazines and fashion shows – a favourite among Hollywood stars and supermodels for its chic design and revolutionary concepts – and aRa Jewels sparklers made by the finest craftsmen from gems and semi-precious stones – for the confident woman who stands her own. A newcomer to JazB is the French brand Orus Bijoux, adorning women’s skin with its super-feminine and decorative designs.

We also carry a collection of decorative candles by Volcanica, handcrafted here in Bali from eco-friendly natural palm wax and beeswax. The candles burn smoothly and smoke-free, and their intricate and beautiful designs help create the perfect candlelit ambience.

Finally, JazB is the only place in Bali that carries the coveted original Moroccan Oil hair products, and we offer our own range of essential Green tea and Champaka oils as well.

At JazB, you are surrounded by beauty, beautiful products as well as beauty-enhancing services.